We are a first in Turkey with CNC circular saw cutting with a diameter of 250 mm and we are assertive in our service leadership.

Dev Çelik

About Us

Dev Çelik is a company established in 1983, which is engaged in the trade of qualified steel, and has been continuing its services diligently for 39 years, established on a closed area of ​​3500 m2. With its wide product range, it supplies the materials needed by the automotive sub-industry, machinery manufacturing industry and many industrial sectors.

Dev Çelik

Our Vision

To become the leading company in the IRON-STEEL sector with our quality and reliable products that are open to universal technology.

Dev Çelik

Our Mission

It is our biggest responsibility to SELL quality products to meet the demands and needs of our customers and to present our products to customer demands and requests.

What We Do For You



They are high precision bars produced according to EN 12164 standard.

20 - 100 COLD LAMB 1040

Carbon, which is the basic alloying element of steel, affects the hardness and strength properties of steel. In general, it contains between 0.4% and 1.5% carbon element. Increasing the amount of carbon increases the hardness to a certain extent and decreases the weldability of the steel. Examples of usage areas are machinery manufacturing, shafts, gear wheels, bolts and nuts. High carbon steels are also included in the Reclamation Steels group because they are recoverable.

ASIL 1050

ASIL 1050